Momârlanii – urmaşii dacilor din Valea Jiului

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Trecând prin Petroşani, oraş minier cu veleităţi turistice, nimic nu sugerează că în această zonă incă îşi duce veacul una dintre cele mai vechi comunităţi rurale din România. Din cauza exploatărilor miniere începute în 1840 şi a dezvoltării urbanistice determinate de acestea, majoritatea momârlanilor au fost nevoiţi fie să se adapteze noului stil de viaţă, fie să îşi retragă gospodăriile spre dealuri. Dintre cei aproximativ 10.000 de momârlani rămaşi in Valea Jiului, puţini sunt cei care mai aduc aminte de asemănarea momârlanilor cu dacii amintiţi de Columna lui Traian.


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Taming of Photography in Barthes’ Vision

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In his posthumously book, ‘Camera Lucida’, Roland Barthes tries to learn what is the essence of photography, reaching various conclusions. The one that Barthes ends his book with is related to how society reacts against photography and how it tries to domesticate it, starting the last chapter of the book considering that “Society is concerned to tame the Photograph, to temper the madness which keeps threatening to explode in the face of whoever looks at it”.

In order to discuss this affirmation, I will relate it not only to Roland Barthes’ ‘Camera Lucida’, but also to certain situations in which the realism of photography is limited, manipulated or even totally concealed. Besides presenting Barthes’ ideology, I will mention and debate the work of renowned practitioners who had to deal with the taming society or who tended to temper photography. In this respect, I have chosen to discuss the work of August Sander, German photographer, who published the portrait series named “Man of the 20th Century”, and the work of Richard Billingham, the author of the family photographs series “Ray’s a Laugh”.

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Huddersfield Town Promotion Parade!

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Huddersfield Town 2012 Promotion Parade

Exclusive photographs on from the Parade organised by Huddersfield Town after winning the League One Play-Off Final against Sheffield United. Next year Huddersfield Town will play in the Championship League against teams like Leeds United, Birmingham City, Boldon Wanderers or Wolverhampton. Good luck next year!

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Queen of Spades

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From Today Photography is Dead

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Hommage to Jeanloup Sieff

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Corpus (Hommage to Jeanloup Sieff)

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